General Recreation

Since our early beginnings in 2010, building and enhancing our local Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) community has been, and continues to be, a top priority for the Wai Nani Surf & Paddle team. With that, finding a paddleboard that meets the needs of the majority of Midwest paddlers was very important to us. Not only did the board we choose to stand behind need to be of high quality, it also needed to be value priced to help support easy accessibility into the sport. We sought out gear that would accommodate all types of paddlers, new and experienced, young and old. We also insisted on a paddleboard that would last for years to come.

After much research and trial, SUP ATX is OUR board.           

SUP ATX, the #1 paddleboard maker worldwide, specializes in equipment that is designed for BEGINNER to INTERMEDIATE riders in mind (including families who plan to have a wide variety of users.) SUP ATX paddleboards are stable, strong and very comfortable for all types of paddling including All Purpose Touring and SUP Yoga/Fitness. Their substantial volume is evenly spread from nose to tail allowing for exceptional stability and tracking. These are stand up paddleboards the whole family will love!