Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Stand Up Paddleboarding or SUP for short, is one of the fastest growing water sports around. The sport involves gliding across the water on an oversized surfboard in a standing position, using a long paddle for propulsion. Stand up paddleboards are longer, wider, thicker than traditional longboards used in surfing, which gives them much more float and stability. Stand Up Paddleboarding can be practiced on flat water in lakes, rivers, or in the ocean, riding waves like a surfer. The sport was originally called “beach boy surfing”, named after the famous Waikiki beach boys in Hawaii who combined their skills in outrigger canoe paddling and surfing.

Stand Up Paddleboarding instruction begins on land, then flat water, where you can fine tune your balance before stepping up to more aggressive/wavier conditions. The boards are paddled from a standing position, so some initial balance is required.

Wai Nani Surf & Paddle’s “What is SUP?” Beginner Group Clinic is a great place to start and to avoid common beginner mistakes. To learn more about our Beginner Clinics, please visit our “Rentals & Classes” page or Click Here.

Congrats on your interest in joining the fastest water sport in the World! You are not alone. We welcome you to join our fun and share the stoke that stand up paddleboarding brings to communities.

The Wai Nani Surf & Paddle Tribe continues to grow as new “Tribes” pop up around the country. Looking to meet other Stand Up Paddleboard enthusiasts? Join others, new and experienced, as we explore our area’s lakes and rivers. All ages and paddle abilities welcomed! Note: you do not need to own a SUP board to be a Wai Nani Surf & Paddle Tribe Member.

The Tribe is not about how fast you can paddle or who has the most expensive equipment. It is about Community and bringing together individuals young and old, beginner and advanced to enjoy our beautiful waters in an informal, social way. We openly encourage you to come paddle with us, meet new people and just have fun!

Currently, Tribe happenings are posted on our Wai Nani Surf & Paddle Tribe page which you can access HERE. Use this Facebook page as a forum for SUP related questions and advice, to post paddle pics or to just say hi! Looking for a paddle partner? Throw it out there! We know life can get tricky and schedules don’t always mesh with the group Tribe paddles. Although, we would love to have you join us, we don’t want that to be a reason not to be on the water.

Welcome to the Wai Nani Surf & Paddle Tribe!

Stand Up Paddleboarding is an amazing core workout, working almost every muscle in the body. Balancing on the board works stabilizer muscles in the legs, and paddling will strengthen your abs and back. SUP has virtually no negative impact on the knees and ankles, and can be great for strengthening the muscles around weak joints. In addition, depending on how hard you want to work, Stand Up Paddleboarding can also be an intense cardiovascular workout especially when incorporating interval training and while paddling in waves.

Reservations Welcomed! Wai Nani Surf & Paddle gladly accepts pre-booked reservations for One/Two Hour Rentals at Wayzata Beach (pre-payment required for reservation – 24 hour cancellation.) Non-reserved boards will be available first come, first serve. Call us at 877.WAI.NANI to secure your rental reservation today!

Individual Rentals Include: Paddleboard, Paddle, Leash and Life Jacket (PFD)
Due to high rental demand, reservations along with pre-payment and rental deposit (credit cards accepted) are required for Half/Full Day, Weekend and Multi-Day Rentals. 48 hour cancellation required for full refund.

Due to safety concerns, One/Two Hour Rentals at Wayzata Beach are for individuals age 12+ only (age 12-15 must be accompanied on the water by a parent or adult guardian.) Sorry, no riders (including pets) allowed while renting at Wayzata Beach. Half/Full Day, Weekend and Multi-Day Rentals outside of Wayzata Beach are available to ALL ages when reserved by a consenting adult age 18+.

Renters under age 18 must have a parent or legal guardian’s signature on the required waiver form. Waiver forms can be printed from the below FAQ link or by clicking here.

Wai Nani Surf & Paddle suggests a swimsuit, rash guard or athletic top with shorts as appropriate stand up paddleboarding attire. We also recommend a towel, dry clothes and some waterproof sunscreen. You may opt for some sunglasses (with an attachment strap) and a hat for extra sun protection. Hydration is very important before and after paddling. Eat one to two hours prior. Wet suits or dry suits are highly encouraged during early/late season paddling. Wai Nani Surf & Paddle will provide a SUP board, paddle, PFD and leash with all board rentals. A valid driver’s license is required for all paddleboard rentals.

A light shower can be refreshing and over in 5 minutes. But, if more substantial rain is anticipated, we will reschedule at a more convenient time. Additionally, if we believe the day’s weather or water conditions to be hazardous, we reserve the right to reschedule. Wai Nani Surf & Paddle will contact renters/class participants a minimum of 1-hour prior to their reservation. Please provide both email and cell phone number at the time of your reservation. Full refunds will be given for any beach or operational closure as determined by the sole discretion of the Wai Nani Surf & Paddle team.

Safety First! Conditions, especially high off-shore wind, can be extremely deceptive for those new to paddleboarding. Wai Nani Surf & Paddle reserves the right to close operations in the event of cautious wind (10+ mph) and weather.

Please call us at 877.WAI.NANI prior to departing for the beach in the event of questionable wind/weather.

Per the 2019 Minnesota Boating Guide, stand up paddleboards must be registered as a watercraft, display valid registration decals and carry a USCG approved life jacket for each person.

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) has officially classified stand up paddleboards (SUP) as vessels. These newly classified vessels must comply with federal navigation rules and “carriage” requirements when operated beyond the limits of a swimming, surfing or bathing areas.

All operators 10 years of age or older are required to have a Type III adult USCG-approved life jacket (also known as Personal Floatation Device or PFD) either attached to the vessel or on the operators person. All persons under 10 years old are required to wear a USCG-approved life jacket. SUP operators are not required to wear or have a PFD if you are in the surf line. With that, SUP surfers are not required to wear a PFD.

Click Here to view/print safety and liability waivers that are required from each Wai Nani Surf & Paddle rental, class and excursion participant prior to entering the water.