PowerPaddle! Advanced SUP Training

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Informal Wai Nani Surf & Paddle Tribe Supported Group Interval/Endurance Sessions for race training or to just simply increase your overall SUP technique and stamina. Previous paddleboard experience is required to participate. Race boards are not required, but passion is. Whatever SUP board you paddle or training pace you choose, PowerPaddle! sessions are meant to be intense, purposeful and a whole lot of fun!

2710 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55417

Note: Paid Parking is available at the North Beach Lot directly in front of the beach while Free Parking is available on area side streets.

PowerPaddle! Advanced Group Training takes place on various evenings throughout the Summer. Join the Wai Nani Surf & Paddle Tribe Facebook Page for meet up locations and times.

Total Paddle Time: Approximately 90 Minutes (Warm-Up/Interval/Cool-Down)

PowerPaddle! Advanced Group Training: FREE with Own Equipment

Wind/Weather Notices: Safety first! Weather cancellations for PowerPaddle! Advanced Group Training will be posted prior to launch on the Wai Nani Surf & Paddle Tribe Facebook Page. Please be sure to check the specific PowerPaddle! listing prior to departing for the beach in the event of questionable weather.

To learn more about our SUP community “Tribe”, visit the Wai Nani Surf & Paddle’s Tribe listing found on our Home Page. All welcome!

Wai Nani SUP Race Training